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A cryosauna is used for Whole Body Cryotherapy

What Does Cryotherapy Do?

Cryotherapy is becoming a trend among many. People including celebrities are willing to part with money so that they are able to get experience it. It is a process which uses extremely cold temperatures in medical therapy. It involves one getting into a “cryo sauna” which has been cooled to below zero degrees Celsius and stays there for some minutes. One can either get a whole body cryotherapy, a localized cryotherapy or an internal cryotherapy. It has been said that cryotherapy can be beneficial to the person’s health thus its use for medical purposes.

Relieves Pain

For instance, cryotherapy can help athletes quickly recover from extreme muscle pain caused by injuries and workouts. Since its invention, athletes have greatly benefited from cryotherapy. It is a fact that athletes due to the nature of their profession and the frequent exercises that they do, their muscles are bound to be overworked compared to that of others.

Cryotherapy can help the athlete and even relieve any inflammation that they could have had. Its ability to relieve pain, heal tissue and produce anti-inflammatory hormones can do wonders for those who are suffering from conditions such as cancer, arthritis, osteoarthritis among others.

Helps Your Immune System

Cryotherapy can help with boosting the immune system. It is said that with the extremely cold temperatures that one is exposed to, it can be able to stimulate the production of white blood cells. White blood cells are known for fighting helping the body to fight against germs and diseases. In addition, the hormone leptin which promotes general body immunity is produced during the time someone spends in the cryo sauna thus boosting that person’s immunity.

Improves Your Skin

It is a fact that everyone wishes to have beautiful and flawless skin. Cryotherapy can help you achieve that. Collagen, a hormone, is produced in larger quantities during. Cryotherapy also inhibits enzymes that break down collagen. It works well towards ensuring that one’s skin is smoother and it decreases wrinkles. It is said that it has an anti-aging effect on the skin.

It even gets better as cryotherapy can lead to reduced cellulite on the skin thereby proving that cryotherapy indeed has benefits to the skin. It can be used to help those with psoriasis and dermatitis. Cryotherapy not only gives health benefits but also beauty benefits.

Weight Loss

weight loss
Cryotherapy can help you lose weight

Cryotherapy can help you lose weight. Cryotherapy has a direct effect on the endocrine system which results to a faster metabolic rate. It is the body’s response of trying to create its own heat to counter the extremely cold temperatures that it has been exposed to. Ultimately, this leads to the body burning calories, even hours after the treatment. This, therefore, can lead to loss of body weight.

Improves Circulation

Cryotherapy can also lead to an improved blood circulation in the body. During the exposure to the extreme cold temperatures, the body will flow more blood to the central part of the body. It aims at ensuring that all the vital body organs function properly.

As that happens, the blood that is in the central part of the body gets oxygenated. When the blood is later pumped back to the rest of the body, they can also be oxygenated thus better circulation. The blood as it flows to other parts of the body, it will stimulate healing.

Makes You Happy

Cryotherapy can also reduce stress and allow for better sleep. This is because the process leads to an increased production of endorphin in the body which gets one is a good mood. It helps one to be able to relax even after coming out of the cryo sauna. If you are fatigued, the therapy can help you feel better.

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